Hard Love


The Tree of Good

The leaves were picked from the trunk,
Branches and stems,

Leaving a skeleton bleeding
In the Summer sun

Meanness had taken its toll,
Depriving him of all Moisture,

Blood and Heart. All
That was left were the bones,

Wondering if there was
Anything they could do to

Save themselves

(Untitled I)

The obscure God, figure of creation;
Object of our worship;
Where is the one, the other?
In love, in faith, in truth we seek you.

Our love is rough,
Our faith has been weakened.
We seek you behind ourselves;
Objects will no longer suffice.

The reflecting mirror shows my face;
Weakened faith when exposed to the dark.
Yet my truth shines even in the faithless light;
The faithfulness of faith.

The objects are gone,
Faithfulness spun from rings of gold;
The subjects are ourselves
Each reflecting a faith of it’s own.

Hard Love

My love for you was hard
I never thought it would fall

In fact, I was
there and you were no thing

It left me

Standing without anything
to stand on

Cool Things

In the end of times
Will we need cool things?

I like toys
Lights and convenience
Flash and pan

Are they figments of our time
Reflections of our egos

Or something new
A revolution of time and space?

In other words
Where does i end and u begin?

Only Thine

“What light through yonder
windows breaks?”

It be but the light of trust come to
shine upon my castle, reflected
in the eyes of woman fair

In love we seek trust, trust opens
Mine heart to the glory of God,
To the light of man, and the

Kingdom that cometh
Woman, thy heart holds the keys
To unlock the secret that will shine

From mine soul, a bright light of
Truth, that is only thine, for

Thee, from me

Poem (writing)

Writing a poem
Is like

Making love

One touches the
Ideas into worlds


The Doorway

I stand in the doorway
Wood and stone in my heart
Dreaming of a Savior
Be him wise or fool

As my eyes press against the doorway,
A mirror reflects my face
Dull, pushed aside,
Wisdom trapped in a burnished glance

The doorway reflects in Gods eye,
A man, a savior, a nothing,
The mirror turns it back,
Silver becomes the dream

The silver, in obscurity still reflects
Man, God, the Dream
A flash of light.

I Am

Hidden Things



My love for you was hard
I thought it would never fail

You held me up
I was about to fall

In fact I was there
And you were no thing

It left me standing
Without anything to stand on


Hidden things
Things not revealed
Stories of a life
A life well lived

I did what I did
And said this and that
I came to B
And she came and left

What lies beneath
Is the purpose of mans’ soul
What lies beneath
Is the truth of the deep


As I shuffle through my garden
Tripping over weeds my father
Left me dreaming of the pefect lilac

Watching the delicate (most precious)
Grow something unique offering up a new
Aroma, a new flavor of life

Weeds turn into flowers
Flowers bloom into space
I remain eternal
Watching my garden grow


3 smoked cigarettes
And I came

Two weaknesses
Staring at one

Left to our own devices
We will always find sadness

The hard look
In the mirror reminds us
That greatness stands

Tall, casting
A shadow as tall
As heaven


Our lives are written down
Our souls remembered

To whom the humble
Speak is but a question asked

Listen now and hear your
Savior, it’s but a question asked

Answer now, the time has come
Forever to be forgotten

Forever to be Now


What is America?
The answer proud;
Proud of work, life, liberty

I left her standing
In a field of mud;
Singing, dancing to her own sweet tune
Breakfast in bed for 600,000, She said
I smiled and she turned away

That day ended
(As they always do)
Proud, Happy, and Smiling

See what I did, she said to me
Looks good
And it was over
Already over
Time to start something new
Go for it, she said

So here we are
At the turn of the American Century
Proud of Freedom (a tower)
Proud of Life (abortion is wrong)
Proud of You (I am)


The lake sits shimmering
Reflecting my face and sky

Images of youth;
Wise and unknowing, brave yet weak

I stood tall in this place
One amongst thousands

I stand among you today
Because that man stood there


I try a poem
wicked broken dreaming of
life determined

Fate and free choice at
last two opposites expose
themselves to the light


I demand
The place
Where my two feet


I wrote a poem the other day
A man had died in disgrace
Taking his family with him;
There was no mercy left

I had hitched my saddle to his
And ended up with the whole load

No one gave advice;
I figured it out based on the lines in my hand

In the future
We will all know things before they happen
And those who don’t
Will know us


Let your earth surround my penis
Let the root burrow deep
Planting the seed of a universe far
Beneath the eyes of man

Let your love surround my crown
Forcing it to come with the love of a
Thousand generations

Let the world be wise
With the love of woman
A force of being

The Olde People

The Old People: With a penchant for Cole Porter music, this band of men and women would have destroyed the world because of a lack spiritual enthusiasm. However, the Gods of Olympus interceded and filled the vacuum that was, would have been, and will be filled by such attitudes. Thank Gods!!!!

Great Un-Created Rock Bands

In the spirit of Brautagins Library – the list of uncreated rock bands will no doubt inspire and concurrently obfuscate thousands

The Breeders

The Breeders: before the name was stolen by Kim Deal, this male fronted, vampire worshiping half breed band was poised for DIY stardom. Led by the former manager of Porno Dracula as a pure form of escapism and with a maniacal Krishna-Cuban guitar player the world is sorrier and sadder to not hear “you idiot” […]

Null & The Voids

Great Uncreated rockbands

Null and the Voids: the name being based on Genesis chapter one — this band of nihilistic agnostics would have set the new wave world on fire. Lead by a lead guitar who couldn’t play like Robert Fripp and a rythm guitar who couldn’t play like Sterling Morrison — we are at once saddenned and thankful they were uncreated.